Polishes and Cleaners

Wood Furniture Polish
Cheaper than store bought and healthier for you and the environment.
Prep time: 2 min.
You will need:
4 oz. dark colored bottle
1 ounce olive oil
2 ounces white distilled vinegar
12-15 drops lemon or orange oil
Preparation: Put all ingredients into bottle and gently roll to mix. Do not shake. Add a few drops on a cloth and wipe down any wood furniture, use like any other furniture polish.

Wooden Furniture Stain Remover
To remove water stains on wood furniture, dab white toothpaste onto stain. Allow the paste to dry and then gently buff off with a soft cloth.

All Purpose Cleaner
This one is my all time favorites. It kills germs, shines everything, won’t leave streaks. For Kitchen, Bathroom, Window’s & Mirrors.
Makes approximately one gallon
2 bottles wintergreen rubbing alcohol
4 tablespoons dish liquid
4 tablespoons vinegar
Put ingredients into jug. Add cold water to top of jug.

Shower Cleaner For regular soap scum and dirt.
You will need:
One spray bottle
Heat vinegar in a glass measuring bowl, in the microwave until bubbly. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray on to shower walls and let sit for 10 min, Scrub and wipe down, then rinse with hot water. Shower will sparkle like new.

Heavy Duty Shower Cleaner
You will need:
One Spray bottle
Arm-n-Hammer baking soda
Generously sprinkle baking soda all over your shower. Then take spray bottle full of vinegar, and start to spray all of the baking soda. Spray generously, till baking soda re-acts with the vinegar and starts to bubble up. Let it bubble. This action will do the hard work for you. Then after 5 to 10 minutes, using a scrub brush or heavy scrubbing rag, rub, swirl, and scrub. Then finish with a very hot water rinse. This will remove just about anything on your shower walls, floors, corners, etc. It will remove mold, mildew, hard water deposits. If the hard water deposits have been there a while it may take a couple or more treatments.